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            Authentication Portal

            The authentication portal is used in conjunction with AuthMark to allow users to verify the authenticity of a document. You will be assigned a custom authentication portal URL during registration. Please contact support if an authentication portal URL has not been provided to you or if you wish to customize the URL to your domain.

            Require Sign-In: Checking this option will require users to login to the authentication portal before entering the information necessary to verify a document.

            Allow User Registration: Checking this box allows users to self-register for access to the authentication portal. This option is helpful if you want to enable wide access to document authentication, but want a record of who is authenticating documents. If this option is unchecked, but Require Sign-In is unchecked, you will need to manually create a system account for anyone authorized to access the authentication portal.


            These options control what will be shown to a user once they have entered the documents unique AuthMark serial number.

            Show Document: If this option is checked the user will have an option to open a PDF version of the secured document.

            Show Issuer Information: If this option is checked the user will be shown the issuer’s metadata information that was captured during document creation.

            Show Activity: If this option is checked the user will be shown the authentication log. This will show when and by whom else the document has been authenticated.

            Show Captured Data: If this option is checked the user will be shown the contents of the data capture fields collected at print time.

            Logo: Here you can upload a logo to be displayed on the authentication portal. 

            Message: Text entered here will appear in the sidebar of the authentication portal. You can use this space to add additional instructions, such as a phone number to call to report a fraudulent document.

            Updated: 01 Jul 2019 05:27 AM
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